What Our Children Learn

We probably worry too much about whether or not our children will remember all the dates, facts and figures that most schools would require them to just regurgitate. We should be more concerned with showing them how to learn and how to live.

I spent a good portion of Sunday observing our children. How they interact with each other, with us and others in their lives. I listened to their chatter, their play and the things they said while we cleaned the house. I have to say I am pretty impressed by what they think about when they think we aren’t listening.

Morgan went into his room to build a block city. He has done this before and it isn’t totally unique anymore. However, his description of what was going into his city was awesome. There is a wind turbine to provide free electric to business and people. The top of main buildings will have antennae to broadcast internet and TV. The market place will have things produced by everyone and everyone can trade for what they need. I am waiting for him to finish building to interview him so that you can hear it firsthand. Needless to say I am a proud momma.

My girls have learned to work together and have been talking about real issues. How we can be more sustainable, what they want to grow in the garden and relationships. All different kinds of relationships. Of course having a 17 yr old and 13 yr old they are at totally different places in life made for interesting conversation. But the point is they were talking, cleaning and working together. They are taking everything we show them, everything we do to heart. Even better as they embody these thoughts they are using them in their own lives.

They are learning to be creative, critical thinking contributors. All three of them and I really don’t think we could ask for anything more. We are so proud and delighted to watch them begin to unfold their wings. Not quite ready to take flight but when they are they will soar high.

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