Week in Review


Well we have managed to do a few things this week. We found a way to get little man to click with reading. His favorite game Wizard 101 has become easier for him, he can read a great deal of what comes on up on the screen. It was mostly a confidence issue but he is really moving forward now. Claire is getting her classwork done on time. And Bekkah watched Food Inc. as part of her curriculum and the light bulb went off, she discovered our decisions weren’t arbitrary and we aren’t living a simple life just to be weird. School wise it has been a gold star week.

As for our over all goals, we have used up the last of the Fabulosa cleaner and switched to a vinegar and water solution. I have ordered some Tea Tree oil to add to it. The house smells clean and not artificially so, no other smells just clean. We have made a potting bench and set up our mini green houses out of recycled milk jugs.

Our strawberries came in from Stark Bros. It was an ordered shared with our friends. Our boxes are filled with our homemade potting soil and ready for the plants. We are having a really cold spell this weekend so planting them wasn’t a bright idea. We have wrapped them in a damp wash cloth and placed them in a plastic bag and placed them back in the box to save for planting on Monday. The do need some cool weather but the lower 20s and sleet would not be a good start for them.

I am thrilled to announce that I am writing for several blogs as a guest blogger. As my posts go live I will definitely share them with you. Overall, while still only baby steps we are proud of our accomplishments.

Today we are going to sit down as a family and decide what other main stream items we can do without and how we can, while we wait for our own produce, move away from shopping in grocery stores. I will definitely have to share that list and the ideas with you tomorrow.

Light, Love and Peace

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