Building a Chicken Brooder

These are the beauties we want to raise now.

It is going to be a little bit longer before we get to building our chicken/rabbit house however we do need to get started on a brooder for the chicks we want to order. I have been surveying the materials we have outside and I think we have the perfect stuff to build a brooder box for our soon to be ordered Delaware babies.

We have been researching a variety of types and styles. We have built an outdoor brooder box in the past this time we have a larger advantage. More materials! We have one set of cabinets that was salvageable from some demo in the house. This will make a perfect brooder area with the perfect set up for a light to keep them warm. To that we are going to add some ripped down plywood that is about 18 inches high with metal grates over top to keep the little buggers safe. The plywood wall will have a lip on the inside to keep stray paws from being able to reach underneath.

The size will be a total of 16 square feet. By the time they outgrow it they will be ready to settle into the new hen house and have the company of rabbits and plenty of beautiful delicious grass and such to munch to on. We will enclose one side of the cabinet totally for them to go into and safely warm up. The floor will be solid wood so that when it does rain they have some place warm and dry to get to. The location will be close to the house in a nice little grassy area so they can learn to forage and eat natural healthy stuff right from the start.

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Using an outdoor brooder box means no chicken mess in the house. No dog or kids to protect the chicks from. It also means that they can grow in a healthy environment. If we decide to we can turn the brooder into a cold frame for later season growing.

Light, Love and Peace

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