Homeschooling Lessons

The most important lessons my kids are learning are not coming from text books or other school materials. They are coming from life. Yes, we homeschool but it doesn’t mean that we are isolating are kids away from the world. As a matter of fact we enjoy pushing them out the door into the world. They are able to have intelligent open discourse with anyone, any where.

We feel quite certain that we are giving them the tools with which to make good decisions. We stand beside them no matter what with duct tape and hugs to repair broke hearts and other boo-boos. They know we love them and that has given the courage to explore the world.We let them do things such as use power tools (with supervision), play in the mud and run through the woods. Imagination, exploration and creativity are their main tools.

As we go through this second half of the year using virtual public charter school curriculum we begin to think and assess how they are all doing. We are looking at returning to totally homeschooling them. With the assistance of learning tools and such but the complete structure of school seems to be more of a hindrance to their learning than helping them.

We would rather see them follow their passions and learn all that they can about those than be able to regurgitate facts. Using their intellect to follow the clues rather than detailed instruction that do not allow for critical thinking. After this school year ends we will be returning completely to our unschooling way of life. It fits our lifestyle and the needs of our children. Life is the best teacher and parents are the best guides.

Light, Love and Peace

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Lessons

  1. We have been homeschooling since 2008. It has been a bit of a roller coaster. We decided on the Virtual Public Charter School this year for a couple of reasons. One I was working outside the house full time and two we were concerned that the kids weren't on track.Situation one has changed and I am back home full time now and we found out we had nothing to worry about, the kids are doing well and where they should be. You have to make this decision based on what is best for your family. No one else knows what is best. But a I am happy to answer questions and point you to information. :)Best of luck!


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