February Goals

I would love to have crocus lining the driveway.

What a weird winter we have had. I am following our normal routine, you never know this time of year when a cold spell might arrive. Not that I want one at this point but it is only February. Our hardiness zone shows we have warmed up a bit we are now 8b instead of 8a. So yeah I think there is some global warming going on. I do have a theory on all of that to share another time.

As for the month of February goals here she blows:

  • Reducing plastic usage, not many options just yet for plastic free.
  • Increase recycling
  • Get a new set of wheels, looking at an 8 passenger van with a tow hitch and plenty of cargo space.
  • Get plarn bags ready, newspaper seed pots and a few other things for our farm store. 
  • Plan out our Earth Day Music Fest table, more about that later.
  • Building our chicken/rabbit house
  • Ordering chicks and building a brooder for them, reverse the order on that one.
  • Writing projects, announcements on that coming soon. 
  • Planting, starting plants, building more raised beds
  • Land Cleaning party the end of February in final prep for the season. 

So you see just a few items on this list. We are also working on better time management and organization. So many things to do. Luckily we combine most of what we are doing with the kids’ school to make things easier. Awesome learning experiences for them and practical applications for everything.

Light, Love and Peace

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