Sowing Time!

It is time to start sowing seeds for spring planting. We are going to get our brassiacs going this week in recycled milk jugs. We have been saving the milk jugs to use as mini greenhouses. We will fill them with our own potting soil, sow 4 -5 seeds per jug and set them in a warm sunlit area to germinate. Greens will be going in as well.

Next week will start on tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other later plantings. We have some potatoes that should be ready to plant along with garlic and onions for the third week in February. The first week in March if the weather holds out steady we will be direct sowing lettuce, carrots, radishes, spinach and a few other spring delights. We will also start our melon plants and other mid to late summer plants the first week in March.

We look forward to sharing our garden with you as it progresses!

Light, Love and Peace!

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