January Recap

Well since most of what I had done has been locked away. I will give you all a quick re-cap of January so that you can catch up.

  • I came home from the office to work from home full time on our homestead and to get back to writing my cook book and a few other things.
  • We have begun our journey by making a few small changes such as switching to homemade detergents, baked goods and learning to live within our means including lack of transportation.
  • We have opened a  CafePress.com store to support the Sustainable Education Initiative
  • We have begun building a series of raised beds and prepping some unusual items for planters. 
  • Strawberries are ordered (splitting an order with a friend)
  • Gathering saved seeds and getting ready to order more.
  • Staked out our new chicken/rabbit house to be a part of our main garden.
  • Plotted what our road frontage will look like with roses and blueberries to greet visitors.
  • Moving along on land cleanup, slowly but surely.
  • Marked trees for removal, they will be replaced with fruit trees and various garden beds.
  • We have begun making plarn to crochet into reusable shopping bags and other items (soon to be available on Etsy.com)
  • We have gathered the materials to create other crafts using recycled treasures for us around the homestead and to be sold.
I will be working through the weekend to update with photos and finally editing videos to share on some of our products. 

Remember while February is Plastic Free month, if you can’t go plastic free at least make an effort to use less of it.
Light, Love and Peace

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