Writing is a business

This is an important concept for freelancers. Your writing is your business. Things that I have learned over the last few years, in no particular order:

  • Don’t take an editor’s remarks personally. I have run into very few bad editors over the years. There is always something to learn and to improve your work.
  • Set office hours and stick to them.
  • Get dressed for work, don’t hang in your jammies.
  • It is your business, treat it as any other business.
  • Learn effective marketing techniques
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you need a real job, this is your real job
  • Pimp yourself out. Talk to people, network, tell people what you do for a living. You will be surprised at the opportunities that present themselves.
  • Social media, use it, don’t abuse it, but learn how to use it effectively
  • Follow Mark Twain’s advice: “Write what you know.” It doesn’t hurt to research and learn new information, but in the beginning it is easier to write about things you are familiar with.
  • It is frightening to put yourself out there, get over it. Just do it! (Nike I believe).
  • Organize yourself, find a method of time management that works.
  • Accountability, make yourself accountable to someone or something!
  • Set reasonable goals.

Now that I have given myself a pep talk, time to get back to work.

Light and Love!

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