New Vaccine schedule

According to an article last night on Yahoo News there has been a new vaccine schedule released for children. Boys are now included in the HPV vaccination to prevent genital warts. Sorry, I am just not buying into all that. You cannot vaccinate against STD’s. You can teach abstinence and safe sex. The article relates information on the possibilities of measles outbreaks and how there was almost an outbreak in recent years. The efficacy of newer vaccines, in my opinion, has not been proven. The chicken pox vaccine “wears off” by the time many kids reach high school, as one example. So now boosters are required. The long term effects of many of the new vaccines have not been studied enough for the research community to answer questions effectively, again just my opinion. There have been reports of severely disabling side effects and death from Guardisil (HPV vaccine).

A lot of this goes with the effects we are seeing because of the over use of antibiotics, sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, etc. They all have their uses and can help prevent the spread of germs. However, by trying to create a totally sanitary environment we are giving bacteria and viruses the opportunity to evolve into super bugs that are just plain deadly. Keep in mind the way things were “God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt.” Is a saying from my youth that has always stuck out in my mind. Granted if you are coughing and sneezing cover your mouth and nose and then go wash up. Stay home and away from people when you are sick. This will do more to prevent the spread of common colds, flu, etc than trying to sanitize the world. Open the windows in your home in the winter time, cold air will help kill germies running rampant in your home. Wash your linens regularly, changing them daily if possible if you or someone in your home is ill. Basic cleanliness goes a lot further. Remember that kitchen towels don’t get used in the bathroom and bathroom towels don’t get used in the kitchen. For me it is more the thought that something that could have wiped someone’s butt touches something I will eat off of is just gross. Clean your bathroom and kitchen daily. Germs love humid damp places.

Rambling towards so many different yet related topics.

Light and Love!

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