Ranting, Rambling and Venting: Not for the meek

Where to begin with this rambling rant. So many things just need to come out of my head so I can clear it and get back to working.

I guess I will start with Daddy going home from his holiday visit. Life is never boring with this man around. He is larger than life and has a heart of gold. I have come to accept him as he is and stopped trying to change him and I think he has come to the same point with me. He is a piece of work that is for sure but I do love him. His visit started off with a minor car accident. No one was injured during the accident. The woman who ran the red light was not ticketed, why we cannot begin to fathom. Her insurance company, State Farm, gave him such a run around he had a cardiac episode. 2 1/2 days in the local hospital was such a joy. He did wait until after Christmas day to decide to go in. So as usual daddy was here and we had an adventure of sorts. He left this morning to return home to Virginia. The house seemed so quiet just after he left, however, the normal noises are slowly beginning to appear. I always feel slightly bereft when he leaves though at the same time relived to have my house back. He likes to think himself the patriarch and “takes over” when he is here.

We did have an awesome start to the new year though. After searching for so long my Uncle Ricky is now back in my life. We all found each other New Year’s Eve. I am going to take this as a very good sign that things will be improving this year and that the light at the end of the tunnel is not another oncoming train. My Uncle Ricky is and always has been someone very special to me. There has never been anything we couldn’t discuss and I have truly missed sharing some momentous events in my life with him. We will definitely spend some time catching up on things. I do want my children to have the chance to get to know him as well, I think they will love him as much as I do.

My personal writing projects have taken a back seat to work for my client Demand Studios. We have had to struggle so I have been focusing on writing how to articles, about articles, fact sheets, etc. Most of them are posted on eHow.com or GardenGuides.com. Primarily focused on garden related issues, though for a change of pace I will choose topics under other categories. I love writing in almost any form and getting paid to do it is even better. I am hoping that by February I focus more on my magazine, ebooks, blogging, cook books and of course my fictional novel.

As for things that have really been irritating the living shit out of me lately. My baby can read commercials. Sorry folks, I just don’t buy into all that and why should we focus on teaching kids and burning them out on what will already be a long journey of education before they can talk or even crawl. Just plain stupid. Don’t ask me where I read all of this but I have seen articles written around studies that any early education looses its benefits by the time kids reach 2nd grade. I can understand the benefits of a program such as head start for kids that do not have parents able to help them for one reason or another (no shame in getting help when you need it for any thing in life). But this huge push to educate our kids so young is just stupid. It will not bridge the gap we are seeing in comparison to other countries. Bob Compton (I really need to find those links) did some wonderful work highlighting the failings of our current education system. I really believe that a return to classical education focusing on literature, art, music, history along with math and science will put our future generations back on track. The focus on sports and leisure activities has gotten to a point where it supersedes basic education. Sure there are a lot of great athletes out there that deserve recognition for their abilities but what good are all those special talents if they can’t read or write and don’t know the capitals of individual states, other countries, they can’t make change, they have no idea what a periodic table is? Maybe I am biased for having spent two years now as part of the homeschool community. I am a product of the factory like public school system but I have chosen to give my children an entirely different education.

Politics in general really get me fired up. Number 1 all the fear mongering that goes on. The idiots on all sides that cannot have a simple discussion on a topic without name calling and deriding each other. Really people, discuss and express your view points but do it without school yard rules. If you are going to state something as fact, have it from a reliable source. Sorry but World News Daily, The National Enquirer, someone’s personal blog, Wiki, not reliable sources. Go to the source in question and read the documents for yourself and for the love of god have your own thoughts don’t just repeat what someone else has said.

The economy, we all know it sucks. It tanked, tons of reasons for it. But if I remember one thing from my economics 101 class, it is unfortunately part of the business cycle. A very nice sin wave to be honest it looks like a roller coaster. As with any natural cycle the more humans fuck with it the worse it gets. We peaked under the Clinton administration (just a point of reference for time line). Things were great until the very end when we started that downhill slide. In walks Bush, things are getting worse and humans step in to ward it off, big mistake. Instead of the gradual slide we tanked hard and fast. Bad financial decisions made by the powers that be, corporations and individuals. So we hit bottom so hard that we went through the floor instead of bouncing back up. Honestly we cannot blame one political part or another, it was human error, instead of letting things take a natural course we interfered.

Fundamentalists of any kind just piss me off. Any extreme “ist” “ism” and so forth is what people will remember, it is what will get put down in the history books. I am not saying everyone should ride the fence. I am not saying you should stand up for what you believe in, but it has become the nature of the beast that a fundamentalist of any kind really equals fanatic. No, we all can’t just get along, again its a human nature thing, but really does blowing up things to make a point really do anything? Does name calling really do anything? Does the whole idea of my way is the only way really make sense? Maybe I am over simplifying. Think about it what is really accomplished by extreme actions? Not a damn thing. Ok, people hurt and killed. In the scheme of things (while horrible) the methods of terrorism by an fundamentalist group has just gotten old. In my not so humble opinion it boils down to “If I can’t be captain, I am going to blow you up and call you names.” When the old adage of “If I can’t be captain, I am going to take my marbles and go home.” Would be the better option. Just sit and think about it. To a reasonable and rational person you look like a school yard bully. Ignorant and unwilling to listen to reason.

The new Taco Bell commercial advertising losing weight by going through their drive through. Sorry but fast food of any kind isn’t the answer. Exercise and eating in moderation are your best bets no matter what fad is on the rise. Fast Food Nation mean anything to anyone? I am not petite by any stretch and could be in a lot better physical shape. I am not a dietitian, physician or any other health care provider but common sense would tell you that no matter how appealing it looks in the commercial there is still no way around the msg, salt, fat, etc at Taco Bell.

On a similar note, physical appearance. Why is it that these are primarily focused on women and what happened to happy healthy curves on a woman? Aging is a part of life, instead of fighting go with it. Look your best and be happy with who and what you are right now at this very moment. The whole body image thing going on on television and in the movies is beyond ridiculous. The new Nutrisystem commercial where “Amy” couldn’t stand to be in her skin 28 lbs ago, sorry but now she looks anorexic where as before she was soft and curvy. Ok, so after two kids and a bunch of other crap I will never dance on a pole or wear a bikini to the beach again. Who cares? My breasts sag, well I fed two babies. I had gone through a period of depression and ballooned up so I have stretch marks (some from having babies). I am not totally happy with my body but it is my body and we have to live together, so I have accepted it as it is. My husband still finds me attractive after 13 years. My kids love to snuggle because mommy is soft and warm. Unless there are health issues involved, accept your body.

I think that is all that is on my mind at the moment. I will post more if something else comes up from the dark well that is my mind. Just be careful and don’t fall in there, the last friend that fell in wasn’t’ quite the same afterward.

Light and Love!

10 thoughts on “Ranting, Rambling and Venting: Not for the meek

  1. Hi- this is Amy! Yes- the one you wrote about! Yes- I did have health problems. My blood pressure was high, my LDL was high, and I was medically advised to lose weight & get healthy. In addition- a few other medical problems occurred BECAUSE I was over weight. At one point- I had gained so much weight- so fast- my feet could not hold my own weight and both feet broke with stress fractures. I do not have pictures of me when I was my heaviest. I deleted almost all of them! I was unhealthy and wanted to be able to play with my girls and watch them grow up! So I had to make a change in my life to get myself healthy! I am happy to say by losing the weight- I am off many of the medications I was once taking! I understand you had no knowledge of any of this information when you posted your comments about me. BUT- by all of my doctors- I am a healthy 40 yr Mom ! I could not say that a few years ago.Yes- I have stretch marks and all that comes with having children- my kids think I am warm & cuddly. My husband has always complimented me & loved me, and I do accept myself. But, when many doctors agree that the extra weight is stressing your bones and it is shortening your life- well- it's a personal change that needs to take place.It's hard to know what someone has been through- so please- next time you make a few unflattering comments about someone, maybe you should think twice!many thanks-Amy Fayetteville, Ga


  2. I agree with the blogger, Amy you do look anorexic now! and it is obsurd that they advertise you as someone that was "overweight" when you probably were within your BMI. Whatever makes you happy good for you but it does make women who are actually overweight by more than 5lbs upset to have Nutrisystem showing you on the verge of tears because you used to wear a size 8? Mary did need to loose weight (she probably is about 10lbs under now but she is on television so I see her need) but you just need to save your sob story, don't try to look 20 because you dont! being that skinny makes you look older.


  3. Yea- someone wants to get healthy & improve their life! BOO- to all the nasty comments. I was really jealous of "Amy". However- I tried the Nutrisysem program & lost 25 lbs in 2 months! I now know what she means by feeling so much better & able to get things done! I now have the energy to get the kids to school- drive them to practice & take care of myself, kids, husband & house! I GET IT!I would encourage all Moms to give it a try! Susan Murphy


  4. I ordered because of this ad with Amy! I have lost 15 lbs in one month! This works! I feel so much better. I understand some of the harsh comments- but now I feel better about myself and understand the mean comments are by those who either do not understand what it is like to be over weight- or by those who are over weight and have not done anything about it,yet!Instead of mean comments… instead of being jealous…..try to feel better yourself!Kacey H.


  5. I think Amy is the perfect spokes person for Nutrisystem – she is a mom that lost weight on the program & looks FANTASTIC! Really- have you seen those abs! I can't figure out how old she is- but it really doesn't matter with rockin' abs like that!My husband saw the ad & bought me Nutrisystem for my birthday- I must say, I was so mad at first! ( REALLY MAD!)But… I tried it for the month of Jan- & lost 12 1/2 lbs! I could have not done that by myself ( I know because I have tried for the past 8 years to lose that darn weight!0Anyone can be successful on this- let's inspire more people with positive messages, thoughts, & comments!Stacey Walters


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