Happy New Year

We are still finding what works for us for school but so far we have had an interesting time. We have studied various cultures new and ancient. Reading has taken an interesting turn. We do not limit much with the kids as far as their desire to learn or follow an interest but the hard core anime and manga has been restricted. Forcing our daughter to explore other genres of literature. She loves non fiction as much as she loves fiction. Romantic books, fantasy, a little sci-fi, paranormal, all things she enjoys now. Our son is reading basic words and sentences, he has been trying very hard but not all of the skills have clicked yet. They will when he is ready but for having just turned 5 we aren’t worried at all about when he will read on his own. We enjoy reading to him. Math is our son’s strong point. Anything number related. I am thinking future engineer or architect maybe? Our daughter is discovering that math is part of every day living and getting better at various types of math. I am happy to say she has gotten over the whole math and science thing is for boys only. If we present math as an everyday thing or in the form of a word problem she breezes right through. Standard rote memorization of facts are just not her learning style.

Science, we really need to do more science. So hubby and I are going to sit down and find something that will really get the kids turned on to science. Writing is going well, our daughter is writing songs, poetry and starting a lot of short stories. She hasn’t completed any short stories but has a good start with so many different ideas floating in her head. Our son can write his first and last name and a few words. Like with reading the knowledge is there the light bulb will pop up one of these days and he will take off.

Our daughter is expanding her art repertoire but her two best and preferred mediums are drawing (still experimenting with different utensils) and modeling clay. Her imagination is unbelievable and her skills are really developing. Our son can draw basic shapes, has learned how to mix colors, has a basic understanding of the color wheel and things of that nature.

I am going to add music theory and recorder lessons this semester. While I am a little rusty on it all I am sure it will come back to me. If not I do know someone that can definitely help us out. 🙂

Hopefully we will be able to get to going to park days regularly and we are looking at various memberships for this year, all with an education basis but still look like a lot of fun. Our goal is to do some kind of exercise for at least one hour per day. We have all gotten rather bottom heavy lately.

Home ec skills are coming along. Everyone can sort their laundry, our daughter can even wash, dry and fold hers (putting away is something else entirely). Basic cooking/baking skills are improving very well. We are going to look at investing in a small sewing machine since our large one is in storage still. Our daughter wants to make her own clothes. This should be a fun project. I think we are also going to work on crocheting and quilting as well.

Light and Love!

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