Totally and completely insane

You already knew this though. I have stretched myself pretty thin these days with time to get everything that I want to do done. However, I have never been more at peace or happier. I don’t think I have posted regarding our most recent move so here it is.

Sorry if this is an old story for some of you. We had issues with our last landlord. This is the nutshell version BTW. So we went house shopping. Found a cute little beach front apartment in North Myrtle Beach. All utilities included. So on Halloween we moved in. Believe it or not the move went pretty smoothly. The guys had been talking about going to Iraq to work for a construction company and make big bucks. Of course I was being the supportive wife and chose the small apartment because it would be just me and the kids. Well, they have since changed their minds. I am cool with this. We really didn’t lose any space, technically a bedroom but even that was an easy problem to solve. The kids are bunked down together and most of the time it works out pretty well. We are now turning the back yard into an edible oasis. Yep, I can have my garden that I have missed so much.

I am writing for real pay these days. Which is really, really cool. I have put some of my other projects on hold or have just cut down how much I can do at any given time with them. But generally speaking I think the whole family is feeling much more peaceful. The kids have really settled in and are truly happy. Even DH is relaxed more, I don’t know if he will ever truly relax but he isn’t quite as on edge as he had been.

I have started a new journey. Reading and practicing feng shui, reading about zen budhism and generally find a peaceful path to travel. I am not sure I will become a zen buddhist or ever truly reach enlightenment but it is definitely giving me food for thought and chaning my out look on life. I think it goes well with some of my other more “pagan” beliefs.

Well this was a nice break from work writing but I must return to the grind.

Light, love and peace!

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