Yep, that about sums it up. That is how I feel today. I know I should be writing more articles so that I can meet my financial goal but it is raining out and the lack of sleep lately is catching up to me. I feel lazy not doing anything. DD spent part of her morning reading and is now watching some of her anime shows. Daddy has volunteered to tackle the monstrosity of a kitchen. DH has finally fallen asleep after a 10 hour shift and his brother hasn’t crawled out of bed yet either. DS is still snoring and passing gas happily.

I am also torn by a potential job for DH. Working for a company daddy worked for years ago. They just got a twenty year contract to rebuild Iraq. Well in and around Baghdad mostly. The money is awesome. But it means him being half way around the world on at least one 18 month contract. If all goes well his intention would be to work at least one more after that. I don’t want to let him go, but I have never said no to any job he has wanted to take in the last 13 years, so why start now? The pros are outweighing the cons at this point. While I may not like it, I have a strange feeling he is going to take the job. I will try to maintain the positive outlook that we would be financially more than comfortable, out of debt, and he would come back with a new skill. they told him he could apply for office work but would probably end up a laborer but they would train him in what ever skill he wanted. he is considering heavy equipment operator. So much for him going back to school, he just won’t be able if he does this. But he feels “properly” supporting his family is way more important. So I guess I have to ride it out and see what happens.

Now to decided what to do with my lazy self…

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