First Month of the School Year

Well, for our first month we got off to a slow start but things have picked up. I am actually happy to hear a comment from our daughter, “But mommy we really didn’t do anything.” Then we talked about all the work book pages, reading, discussions, adventures and so on we have had so far. Light bulb went off. We found the happy medium between her desire for more structure and learning on an everyday basis through simply living life.

Our son wants more book work now. So we are giving it to him and he is eating everything up. His handwriting wouldn’t pass in a public school but for us the fact that he can write his own name is a huge step. He is picking up more words here and there. Number facts continue to hold his attention more than anything else. So all in all we have done so much. I have a loose schedule for covering stuff written down so when it comes time for mid and end of year progress reports they can be done up in education speak.

I have acquired a 35 mm camera, it had been my mom’s, so I will start buying film and snapping away at all of our interesting adventures. I am not going to develop pictures just get them put on CD so I can quickly and easily upload them. I am also planning on doing our school pictures since we have been asked by family members. I am thinking of finding a nice blue background to use for different poses and then photoshopping in a variety of backgrounds.

The kids have this week off, so to speak. They are still continuing on their adventures but a nice break from our so called structured learning will be awesome for everyone.

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