I have been really lackadaisical…

Well, not really but just very busy and I haven’t made the time to post on my blog like I said I would. I do have some really good news. I have what I feel is a full time regular writing job, one that can pay the bills and still allow me to let the creative juices flow. I am working for DemandStudios.com. I have set a deadline for Frugal Cooking (watching the eye rolls), September 15, 2009. I intend to have the book ready for publishing on lulu.com. The companion cookbook will be my next project. Once those two are done I will be focusing on a fictional novel.

I am still waiting for Household Manager Magazine to get off the ground and toying with the idea of doing my own magazine. I can only do so many projects at one time. Some how over the last few months I have become completely disorganized. Not my usual chaotic crazy but truly disorganized. So I am working on changing and getting back to my normal chaotic crazy.

I am setting realistic goals. One of which is to blog at least once per week on each of my blogs. Adding a second day in as a routine develops. I hope to get back into blogging daily, posting on facebook regularly, and tweeting on twitter again.

I will be posting recipes regularly on my general blog. And doing weekly updates on my homeschooling blog as well. I might even begin posting poetry, short stories, etc that I have been working, along with articles that I have written in the past here.

Light and Love

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