Disorganized and Lackadaisical

I have been very bad about keeping on social media and blogging these days. I have become completely disorganized. I am slowly developing new routines so that I can get my writing work done, be it my regular work for demandstudios.com or on my writing projects. One of the things I would like to start doing here, other than cathartic writing is post some of the recipes I have been using.

Tonight we are having boneless pork chops cooked with cut apples and sweet potatoes. I added some chili pepper powder, fresh garlic, salt and pepper. This will be accompanied by a fresh tossed salad, garlic bread, and apple sauce.

Many recipes that I have designed on my own I do not have measurements for, often times the additions to a meat meal are just based on taste. Baked goods will tend to have measurements.

Well, between checking on dinner and making the rounds of facebook, twitter and at least one more blog entry I will be off from here for now.

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