Carl the Cricket and other updates…

We have a pet cricket, Carl, who lives in the walls of our house. The kids weren’t too sure about letting a “bug” live in the house. Then we did some research and found out that mommy was right, not only do crickets bring good luck but they tend to eat the really icky bugs. Now, a praying mantis would be more than welcome as well and they have spent time searching for those elusive creatures.

The kids have spent time creating a frog paradise to attract frogs to live in our driveway. They have spent a great deal of time doing this with friends. They have also been learning about horses and gaining some hands on experience when we visit the local stable.

As for “real school” work, we have been using Core Knowledge Sequences K-8 as a guideline. Lesson plans, I decided, would be done daily. We pick one or two subjects to cover the kids spend the time that they feel they need to on their class work. Relaxed, no pressure, and lots of absorption going on.

Currently we are covering geography and studying maps. The discovery of North America and South America beginning with the vikings and we will be moving to Columbus and other explorers. Plants, animals, and ecosystems for science. DS is learning to write his name and improving his reading skills, working on letters. DD is reading Little Women and writing various stories, that one day she hopes to finish. Math we are back tracking a bit for DD, we did some review and she is having trouble with rounding and estimating. DS is working patterns, adding, and subtracting.

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