Dog Days of Summer

I really didn’t think we had gotten that far along in summer that we would hit those hot, hazy, humid days already. But they have arrived. Today with the heat index we hit 101 before 10 am. Though we had thunder storms come through and have they have cooled things down a bit, it was a pretty big one. Major wind gusts, power loss, the whole nine yards.

I personally love storms, the littlest one in the house still gets scared but he did really well all things considered.

I am happy to report that there were no bike accidents today. The only real injury of the day is little man decided to walk down the hall way with his eyes closed and ran into a door knob. He is just the right height for them to smack him right in the forehead. A nice goose egg but other wise all is well. My baby girl who really isn’t a baby is healing nicely from her scrapes from the other day.

All in all nothing major just the general craziness that is our life.

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