Pokemon and Go Fish and Cooking

Well, as always I picked DH from work early this morning. Then I got BIL off to his job. I came home to a still sleeping home. I actually felt pretty well rested this morning so instead of dreading cleaning the house and doing laundry I got right to it. I even got to take a shower all by myself.

I was posting my accomplishments on facebook and thinking of chilling out when a little voice from the other side of the parental bed calls out softly…”Good morning mommy. May I have some apple juice please?” Eyes are still closed but he digs out a sippy cup from last night. Eeewww..ok..so I go and put the icky sippy cup in the sink (knowing there will be another sink load once the household completely wakes up) and grabs a clean one and fills it with apple juice. The next thing I hear is, “Mommy I gotta pee”. This is a necessary announcement at every occurrence of this bodily function. We meet up in the living room. Naked boy crawls into my lap, grabs his sippy cup and snuggles give me my morning love while sucking down juice at what could be an alarming rate.

“Can we watch Dinosquad and play Pokemon? I have some pretend Pokemon you can battle with.” Sure why not. This goes on for about 15 minutes. We tire quickly of Pokemon and grab a deck of playing cards. Three rounds later of Go Fish and we are bored. TV is nothing but backgroud noise at this point.

“Hey Bubby, want to help mommy cook?” “Yeah! Yeah!” So we venture into the kitchen he grabs his chair and drags it across the tile floor. Oh yeah, can we say fingernails on the chalk board? He is in position and I start grabbing all the ingredients for tonights dinner, home made cream of chicken soup and sandwiches are the plan. We peel, cut, dice, pour, etc. Once everything is in the crock pot to simmer all day, we clean up.

DD wakes up and drags herself down the hallway. This creates much excitement as the little guy just loves his “sissy”. He attacks her and hugs her despite the protests. Normally DS wakes up cheerful and ready to start the day bouncing and chipper. DD is very much like her mommy, grumpy until the blood starts flowing. DS recounts his morning so far and then asks for left over noodles from last night for dinner. With some assistance he “cooks” them himself. DD has her bowl of cereal, she has said that she cannot start her day without a bowl of cereal. Fruit is passed out, strawberries and bananas.

They have settled on the couch for now to watch one of DD’s shows on netflix. They will snuggle and sit quietly through one maybe two episodes. Then the bickering will begin. I am trying to think of a lovely outdoor activity for us all to do. DH wants me to wake him up in the early afternoon so that we can do something as a family. BIL gets off work at 330 so I may just let him sleep until then and we will go to the park later this afternoon or maybe just chill outside by the wading pool.

For now, I am going to blog a bit more and then perhaps relax and read a book.

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