Independent Family Living

This is my magazine that has been years in the making. I have to finish up 2 more articles and do some proofing and editing. Then it will be into Adobe In-Design and up on to MagCloud for publication.

Here is the breakdown of sections and articles:

I. Sustainable Living
a. Homesteading Any Where
b. Natural Weed Control
II. Alternative Energy/Energy Saving Tips
a. Solar Power
b. Make your own solar oven
III. Frugal Living
a. How to feed your family on no budget
b. Stocking up ideas
IV. Frugal Recipes
a. Bulk muffin recipe mix
b. Cream of Whatever Soup
V. Family
a. Homeschooling Options
b. How to find free family adventures

Volume 1 Issue 1 will be out and available within the next month, hopefully.

Once this issue is put to bed, I will give you all the skinny on the next issue.

Also, keep a watch out for the announcement of Frugal Cooking, which will be available on!

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