Trying to get organized again

Well, since my darling daughter has decided she wants more routine to her day and to her education, this means I have to become completely organized again. So I have been laying out a flexible daily routine and working on lesson plans above and beyond my writing work. I have started a new blog that will be completely dedicated to my writings.

I have been playing with widgets and gadgets on it this morning and giving it a fresh new look. The standard skins available are good for basic blogs but as you have noticed I like to dress things up a bit.

Now coming up with any kind of routine with the crazy hours that we keep is difficult, but I think I can manage it. I have ordered new ink cartridges for the printer so that I can reprint my Life Organizer and hopefully stay on track. For me this is like a bible of sorts. When I do use it and keep it with me, I don’t forget things, I can keep track of everything. I think I will eventually update it to include some home school organizing stuff in it as well. Or maybe do a version just for home school parents. I am not sure yet.

Well my quiet time for writing and such is almost up. I do want to let you know that you can follow me on twitter and facebook as well. I haven’t done much with myspace lately, that might change, we will see how things go.

Right now I am taking one day at a time and building up steady routines. My daughter is actually even happier having a regular routine than just going about her day randomly. My son does well with this also. So we will see how things progress.

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