Organizing My Writing Times

Well, with so many endeavors going on all at one time I have had to look at my organization. We have a very weird family schedule so doing things at set times doesn’t always work out. However, I have decided that I must dedicate two hours every day to writing, including my blog time.

Most mornings the house is quiet and once I have straightened up what I can without waking anyone else seems to be the best time for me to write. Today once I am done updating all my blogs, I think I will work on Famliy Living Magazine articles. I have most of them done and will pass them to a friend for final editing. What I will also need to do is start either a website or a blog just for the magazine to help promote it.

Tomorrow I will continue the finishing touches on Frugal Cooking. Monday I will work on Funny Farm Stories. I think changing up which current works I have going on from day to day will keep me from having writer’s block or get too terribly frustrated with my writings.

I have ordered a new ink cartridge for the printer so that I can print out a new copy of my Life Organizer. I am practically lost with out this information. I also need to make sure I post the RSS feed to this blog on my storefront. I do miss Lulu’s blog feature however, this one works much much better for me.

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