Lesson Planning and organizing

It is tax free weekend and while public school parents are scurrying around trying to fill those lovely supply lists. The cashier was a bit surprised when I showed up with an armful of 15 cent spiral bound notebooks, pencils, and pens. The arts and crafts stuff we had just replenished a couple of weeks ago. “Honey, didn’t you find your school’s supply list?” I told her I had it in my head what my kids needed and that their school didn’t do a supply list. “Even the private schools have supply lists. Did you not find what you needed?” Oh I found everything that was needed, we home school, so I am just taking advantage of the sale to keep my supplies up. “Oh, I see.” I ignored the tone in her voice that really said, “Oh you are one of those people.” I just smiled and got my debit card ready for swiping. Trying to encourage her politely to just scan my items and let me go.

Well, we are pretty well supplied for things now, or at least I hope so. The next step is taking all those lovely lesson plans I have been looking at, gathering up free resources and setting about planning our school year. It almost feels like we have come full circle, though I now know we can change, adapt, and be creative in our approach. If this whole routine/structure thing doesn’t work out well we will go back to a much more relaxed approached.

Bodies are stirring, breakfast is being desire, and I am still not done writing. Hopefully, I will get a chance later on. I think we will spend the morning finishing house work and then go to the park, come home, have lunch and then jump into the wading pool.

Everyone wanted to start “school” next week, but I am no where near ready yet. I did have to wipe a tear from my eye last night. My darling son got excited about school but then looked at me with terror in his eyes. “Mommy, I don’t want to go away to school, I want to stay home with you!” I smiled and explained to him that he didn’t have to go away all day to do school things. He did lose the desire to ride the school bus the end of the public school term this past year when he saw a bunch of kids fighting on the bus and continuing to fight as they got off the bus. Not that he can’t or won’t defend himself. Not that he isn’t into playing kicking evil bad guy butt, but generally speaking he is a lover not a fighter. I am so glad we will be able to ensure that he is learning in an environment of his own choosing where he feels safe.

Well, off to get breakfast done and a few other household chores.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Planning and organizing

  1. To my knowledge IL, or at least where I live, we don't have a tax free week. Last year I didn't have to buy anything, because the kids has surplus left over from PS (public school). This year I did have to buy a few things…I would be beside myself if the clerk at the register started asking questions like that.Although, the kids get asked if they are ready for school to start, and seeing this is new to them too they aren't sure how to answer. LOL


  2. North Carolina, South Carolina, and I believe now Virginia have tax free weekends for back to school. North Carolina started it after raising their sales tax much higher than its neighbors. People along the NC/VA state line were hopping up to VA to buy their stuff, cost a lot of revenue.They are having the clerks push to make sure you get those impulse buys too. All the neat little gadgets they advertise that are must haves for school,that public school teachers will have to confiscate and send a note home letting you know you can pick it up from the office at the end of the school year. You get used to the looks, the questions, they become annoying actually. Some people will be oh cool and others will be you wack job. The negatives are simply fear based so ignore them and keep smiling. It is true, keep smiling people will keep wondering what you are up to. As for your kiddos, the answer is simple, yeah sure we are ready to rock and roll. Well time to finish eating lunch and then out to the pool, we opted to leave the park earlier than we figured this morning.


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