What we have been doing this summer.

We have done a lot of simple things, just living life day to day. We have spent time at the park, on the beach and down on the marsh in Murrell’s Inlet. The kids have been discovering various and sundry talents, passions, and interests.

Claire has rediscovered books other than graphic novels, she is currently enjoying Wind in the Willows which I read to her sitting under a willow tree last year. She is seeing it in a different light. She is very interested in learning more about fashion and becoming a make up artist. She has also spent time developing her own story and writing a bit here and there.

Morgan has been learning to read, count, build, and play cards. He has developed a passion for photography that just doesn’t seem to want to quit. He photographs everything with an old cell phone. I think for his birthday he will get a kid’s digital camera. He is also dictating short stories.

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