What do you have planned for this summer?

My kids are starting to enjoy answering this question. “The same thing we do everyday!! We try to take over the world!” Yes we are Pinky and the Brain fans. Having started the transition down the path of unschooling our summer is really going to be no different than any other day of the year. We have some plans for various activities going on in the area. Living in a tourist arena we have learned to time our travel plans to when traffic is least congested and have spent time discovering all the free activities that are used to lure in vacationers.

We may be adding more interests on various days depending on what the kid are into. We are doing more fun sciencey type things since we have the microscope. So far we found a piece of seaweed that washed up on the beach as a storm was coming in. We have not officially identified it, it is very tubular and we think it might be codium, though it would have to be a “hairless” species. Coastal water studies have a huge interest right now with the kids. Including plant and animal life, understanding tides, currents, etc.

Reading continues, the little man is working hard to learn letter sounds and words, he really wants to be able to read the instructions on games by himself. He also wants to be able to chat in game with other people.

We have made it a firm decision to continue going to the Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinics. The kids really enjoy their time there. Typically we stop by the library afterward. Mondays are our definite library days with this Monday being sign up for the Summer Reading program, both kids are very interested in it, I think for the pretty cool prizes but still they already read enough to be able to do quite well.

Daddy is here for the summer so they have their PaPa to hang out with and go places. He is adjusting to the concept of homeschooling, slowly but he is getting there. He is seeing how happy the kids are and how much they already know.

Their knowledge base has caused some friction with a few public school kids in the neighborhood. It has been used as a joke but apparently their expansive vocabulary has been an issue. A couple of parents complained that they need to learn to use smaller words when talking to regular people and show off. I shrugged and said something pithy which I cannot remember now to save my life. Claire has decided that she needs to seek out more people like herself. So we are going to look at starting a Manga club locally. She doesn’t think she should speak any different or be someone other than herself to have friends. Quite an accomplished thought for a 10 year old just out of public school.

Well the house is moving so I need to go for a bit.

Light and Love!!

Oh..right Light and Love doesn’t go with twisted deviant homeschooling mom!!

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