It has been quite a while

I have gotten bogged down in lots of things but life has continued to flow peacefully from one moment to the next. The kids are blossoming into beautiful little people. My daughter has entered the early stages of womanhood and everyday I see more and more of the intelligent, compassionate young woman she will be. An extension of the very traits she has now but with more growth as time passes.

My son is growing and learning and exploring so much. He is even more mobile now than he was a few weeks ago. He has his first bike. Tonka Tough picked out by DH. It was a rough start but now he couldn’t think of going anywhere in the neighborhood without it. He surprises me everyday with the amount of things that he learns simply by living. We were on our way to pick up his uncle from work the other day and he was talking about “Hocktogons”. It took a minute for me to realize what he was saying, he pointed out a stop sign and it dawned on me. Octagon. He went on to tell me how many sides it has and how many sides other polygons had. I asked him where he learned all that. Apparently his Bakugan friend had some geometry homework and he sat and listened while his friend completed it. He finds it all so facinating.

Claire has discovered her singing voice and is practicing constantly. She has also discovered new novels. She picked up a book I had recently read where the main character is a young girl who was raised by her brothers and learned the old ways, druidism. Of course this has lead her to learning more about druidism, wicca and other similar pagan paths. Leading to larger and more theoretical discussions and studies of spiritualism. She is slowly finding her way to her own spiritual path. Imagine the surprise on her face when she realized that mommy and daddy are of course well outside the main stream. Will she actually follow the pagan path that we walk, only time will tell. But at least for now she is expanding her borders past traditional Judeochristian thoughts and realizing that there are hundreds of other religions and spiritual beliefs out there.

We have gone to our second Lowe’s Build and Grow clinic. The kids are really enjoying these and plan to attend as many as they can. This last one they built ready to go kits. Little boxes that it was recommended to have emergency things in, in case of evacuation. Morgan has placed his Bakugan cards in his and Claire is using hers for keepsakes. Still they love building and creating things. DH bought a bandsaw recently at a yard sale and the three of them have been looking at projects that they can do together.

DH and I spoke at length about the changes that have been happening within the family, especially me and the kids. He admitted his parenting beliefs are entrenched in traditional parenting but is willing to make an effort to relax them. he has started following Jeff Sabo’s blog about being an unschooling dad and has been reading Sandra Dodd’s site, as well as Joyce Fetterol’s. I also tend to read to him current threads from AlwaysLearning Yahoo Group and Unschoolingbasics Yahoo Group. I often forward him the threads as well. His time with the kids has been limited by working night shift and sleeping a good portion of the day. So he his creating more time with them to get to know them and explore and understand how the dynamics of our relationships are evolving. He is seeing how it all works and is really beginning to come into his own as an unschooling dad. We all still have a long way to go, well DH and I do, but doing this together makes it even better.

I am off to walk with Morgan while he rides his bike and then we are going to splash around in the wading pool. Claire wants to go play with her friends without a tag a long today. DH is waking up so he will probably join Morgan and me.

Light and Love!!

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