Catching up on life

I have been so busy lately, I think I could challenge a one armed wallpaper hanger. My writings and blogs have gotten pushed to the side. The kids have been keeping busy as well as my husband. My husband has ventured into real estate so we have been looking for houses for him to get started with. Older homes that are available well below market price that would be of interest to investors. So far we have about 12 in our area that we have appointments to see and assess. We also have an appointment with a local title company to make arrangements to have paperwork and closings completed there.

I have been slowly networking and building my Melaleuca business. I am focusing on product sales. I just can’t say enough about their products. My psoriasis is clearing up, I have more energy, and my house smells clean without that chemical smell of bleach and Lysol. We are transitioning all of our general health and household products that we can to Melaleuca products.

As for the kids well I will post that over on our homeschooling blog but they are doing wonderfully.

Light and Love!!

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