Walmart Management Has no conscience

Our local Walmart store has shown that their management has no conscience what so ever. I will be cross posting this on my other blog and social networking accounts. While shopping Thursday evening, May 7, 2009 a hawk found its way into our local store (#2712, Seaboard Street, Myrtle Beach, SC). The associates chased it with large fishing nets and the local police department had been called. The PD said that there was nothing that they can do. I asked a nearby associate if they were going to call a wildlife rescuer. Well when I was in this evening the hawk was still there. Little access to food and or water, if any access at all. He was sleeping above the shoe department.

I have since sent emails out to the local wildlife rescuers, local newspaper and news station. This is disturbing and cruel. To do nothing and endanger the life of this hawk. I will keep on top of this to see if someone will rescue this beautiful bird. At this point I refuse to shop at this particular store. I have also sent an email off to corporate offices and will be sending one to the local store as well. 4 days is more than sufficient time for them to have found a reasonable solution other than standing by and doing nothing.

I have said it before but I will say it again and mean it. I will not shop at this particular store and possible never at Walmart again. There are plenty of other stores around that carry the same if not better merchandise.

2 thoughts on “Walmart Management Has no conscience

  1. actually, the inhumane employment practices of this evil corporation, here and abroad, the unfettered exploitation of people and natural resources, are some of the worst on record. there is a HUGE cost to their "low" prices … we never, ever shop ant walmart. that said, i applaud what you have done about the situation with the hawk, and i hope it turns out ok.


  2. Thank you!! The hawk has been returned to the wild safely. I agree with you on Walmart in general, there are plenty of other places to shop for you what you need. Anything that claims low prices there is usually a hidden larger cost in the background.


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