The usual chaos!

I have been asked on a number of occasions how I came up with the title of “Director of Chaos”. Well it is a left over from the days of being a Flybaby. For the best definition of Flybaby you will need to actually read Really cool stuff there if you are a real SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive). CHAOS is an acronym for “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome”. Not too long ago I would have been completely OCD about how the house looked if someone came over. These days as part of moving into the unschooling life style I have come to realize that a spotless, eat off the floors, drink out of the toilet type of cleaning is not necessary. We need clean dishes, clean clothes and well I am working on the bathroom OCD issue. The “lived in” look of the house is not really a big deal. Simply because we do live here and Better Homes and Gardens isn’t ever coming out to interview us in our 40 yr old tin can..excuse me PC term mobile home. Yeah I know a few of you know me pretty well and are laughing, I used a PC term. I do try to be inclusive and know there are a few people who appreciate being politically correct. Why I have no idea but there are people who feel that it is a nicer world to be that way.

As for the usual chaos, the kitchen looks like a hurricane went through, our bedroom is a major catch all again for everything and well the living room, front room to some of you, since Morgan took it over as his bedroom/playroom you can just use your imagination. Household project plan for this week, straighten the kitchen, possibly mop up the floor. Overhaul our bedroom, it is small enough as it is and needs decluttering..oh and a good vacuuming. Claire and I have started on organizing her room. I am hoping that little by little I can make it very girlie in there for her. We have enough things to organize all her projects and make sure she still has some room in there to stretch out and read.

As for my work projects they are coming along nicely. I am still waiting to hear back on a couple of bids on for some work there. I am looking for drop ship products that I enjoy or would enjoy and that don’t add to an over burdened ecosystem and use natural ingredients. The articles in for the first issue of Independent Family Living Magazine are well on their way to completion. And the bulk/frugal cook book is coming along as well. I didn’t realize how many recipes I have collected over the last few years. With more coming in.

Anyway, I have some things to do before picking my brother in law up from work later, this is one of his really short workd days.

Light and Love to all!!

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