Lowe’s Grow and Build Clinic

Yesterday we had an exciting morning. All the kids knew was that we had to be some where early in the morning. Anything before noon most days is early morning. So we had breakfast and piled in the car and headed out. As we pulled into our local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store the kids got excited. This is a favorite store in our family. They really didn’t have a clue until I asked the lady at the return desk where the clinic was. They built beautiful little wooden planters and got pretty flower plants and ornamental grass to go in them. They got to keep their aprons and safety goggles, they earned little certificates and badges that mommy needs to sew on to their aprons. We are scheduled to go back in two for the next clinic. They decided that they wanted to keep going to each one. Claire worked fairly independently other than needed an extra hand to hold two sides. Morgan followed the picture directions and did get frustrated that he could not read most of the words. So he has decided that he needs to learn more words so he can learn to read directions by himself.

Here are some pics from yesterday.

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