What do Little Red Riding Hood, Bakugan and Manga all have in common?

My kids!!! They are putting together their own version of Little Red Riding Hood play. Momma is doing costumes and I think there are a couple of neighborhood kids who have been shang highed in to participating as well. Once we have a performance date available I will let everyone know. My daughter is making official invites for special people she thinks should attend.

I thought Magic the Gathering was hard to learn at first, but let me tell you Bakugan is confusing, at least to my adult mind. LOL However, I have now put Bakugan wall paper, screen saver, etc on my machine much to the delight of my little man. Some might call this an obsession in such a young child, almost an addiction. I call it passion. He is so intent, I have learned what I can but he has found a mentor in our new neighbor, I have a mentor as well, a very considerate young man that I email my questions to. Our new neighbor said that someone older taught him to play other games at 4 years old so he felt it only right to take young Morgan under his wing and teach him the ins and outs of Bakugan. My house has become a playing field with gate cards, ability cards and brawlers all over the place.

Manga, Manga, Manga!! There are manga books, shows, movies, stories, art work, you name it. Yep we are deeply entrenched in Manga Anime. My daughter’s world revolves around it but it has lead to other interests. She is determined that when she is ready to she wants to go to Japan. So she has been studying the language, culture, you name it. What is interesting is it has lead to her interest in China as well. I love watching her giggle and laugh as she watches her shows, sometimes there are tears. She has her absolute favorites and these are characters she admires. We talk about it and while I am not a fan of this genre in any form, I am a fan of my daughter. She becomes so engrossed in it all sometimes that it takes a bit to get her attention. Though once we have it it is wonderful to discuss all the topics that come out of it.

I guess I am still a bit in school think and definitely not completely deschooled myself. Though we are continuing to move more and more into unschooling lifestyle. Saying yes more, interacting and being with our children and not just in the same room but actually enjoying and sharing their interests with them. My daughters desire to learn about Japan and China have rekindled intersts that I have long since burried because they wouldn’t have made a good career choice. My parents had my best interests at heart but I do wish I had followed my passions more. So I am. I love my art, writing, and other things. But in thinking of a career I have come to realize that I have one right now. I am the Director of Chaos aka wife and mom. I love it, it is my passion. However, I am doing more to study ancient cultures, civilizations, etc and the best part is I am sharing this with my family.

Light and Love!!

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