It’s been a little while

Well, things are returning to a sense of normalcy. Translation our regular craziness. My dad had been hospitalized again a couple of weeks ago and we needed to spend our time with him, yet another close call. He is on the mend and will be returning to spend some time with us as soon as he is able to travel.

The UU Homeschooling newsletter is officiall done and if I can figure out how to upload a file for download I will do so from this blog and my homeschooling blog. Other “work” news, I have actually upgraded my account with and I am awaiting notice of several contracts I have placed bids on. A couple of them sound promising.

I have completed my official rough layout of Independent Family Living Ezine, and have begun writing the articles that I wanted included in the first issue. If I push hard enough I should be able to have the first quarterly issue available the beginning of June.

DH and I are still studying and taking classes on real estate investment and short sales. Hopefully we will be ready to get to work on this new business venture (well not new but we will have a lot more knowledge this time around) by the beginning of 2010. It seems like a long time to wait but we are planning very carefully and getting all our ducks in a row before taking off on this one.

And as always our lives are taken up with our children, their passions and just enjoying spending time with them.

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