What would the world be like without ice cream?

Well we wouldn’t have had a blast today going to Ben and Jerry’s free cone day. We got to support our local chapter of Miracle League. Enjoy the world’s best ice cream and climbing on dinosaurs. Of course Morgan wanted to have another cone but settled for feeding the pair of mallards on the strip the rest of his cone (sans ice cream). He enjoyed watching the ducks go in and out of the shops at Broadway Station, we were certain they were going to buy t-shirts at one point from Fric and Frac’s. Claire sat and watched people. A hobby she is starting to develop. She likes watching how they interact and trying to guess where some of the tourists are from.

We did make a return trip so Uncle Randy could get his cone after work as well. While waiting for him to come out we sat at the same table as before and Morgan befriended a young lady. He started talking about ice cream and his love chocolate (not that it was hard to tell what his favorite ice cream was, he was wearing some on his face). Then he pointed to the older lady in the group and asked his new friend if that was her sister, turns it out it was grandma and grandma fell in love Morgan. Then he pointed to the young lady sitting next to his new friend and asked the same question and found it was just a friend. He was sorry she didn’t have a sister they are pretty cool. This got a blush from his own sister who had just complained earlier what a pain he could be and she gave him a big hug and he kissed her cheek and introduced her to his new friend. Uncle Randy came out of the shop and it was time to go. The little gentleman got down from his seat and walked around the table to plant a chocolaty kiss on his new friend’s cheek. She blushed, giggled and asked if she could keep him he was so cute. Claire responded a definite no that he belonged to her and smiled proudly. He waved and said good bye, his attention turning to finding the dinosaur statues we had seen earlier because he wanted to ride stegosaurus and t-rex.

And that is how a completely unsocialized unschooler behaves in public.

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