Fun, Fun, Fun!!

The kids and I spent the day down at Market Commons. This was day two of an Art in the Park series featuring jewelry both commercial and artisan. There were some local folks down there, which for us is always a joy. We strong believe in supporting local artisans, farms, etc. We had never walked around the shops before so we spent time doing that and of course throwing pennies into the fountains.

We spent some time feeding birds on the lake. The kids discovered a nesting goose and spent quite a bit of time with her including getting to watch her turn her eggs and fluff her nest. We actually got some pictures of this, even the gander stood and posed for us. Then we spent the rest of our day at the playground, while others kids came and went ours were there for the duration. We just simply enjoyed being out and about.

This last photo was from when we went kite flying. I finally remembered to pull it from my phone.

I haven’t taken the time to make any adjustments to these photos yet. But hopefully I will later on and then post those instead.

2 thoughts on “Fun, Fun, Fun!!

  1. You're lucky to have a Ben and Jerry's near you. I thought we had one near us, but I looked it up on free cone day and I guess it's closed down. What a bummer. The stores have all the best flavors. Indeed, what would the world be like without ice cream??!Looks like a fun day had by all. We puttered around in the garden today before the rain came in. Days like this make me wish that I'd started home schooling much sooner. We had such great conversation… we laughed at the neighbor dogs breaking out to come see us… we marveled at how much everything has grown in just a couple of weeks… we connected. I love these days.Thanks for the tip on the fire ants. I'm so done with them… nice to know there's something natural I can do!


  2. I am just catching up. But I agree it is awesome to have the special connection with our kids. I hate fire ants as much as I hate using chemicals, it was a method told to me by an old farmer's wife. It worked when we tried it last. šŸ™‚


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