Another short break

Normally once I get DH off to work and come home the kids are still bouncing and running. Tonight it seems that they are chilling together on the couch (I haven’t pulled the bed out yet for DS) watching cartoon movies on netflix. They haven’t been this quiet in ages. But I thought about their activities today. DS played with his best bud next door including splashing in the wading pool. He was very animated while gaming and we all wrestled for a bit. He has eaten a very full meal and had his after dinner chocolate milk. DD did sleep her normal 12 hours and was very active all day, I think she has eaten, I know she has showered and gotten comfortable for the night. So it is extremely quiet and peaceful.

The only thing I have left to do in the kitchen as far as cleaning are the long counter and the floor, but those just may wait until tomorrow. I am waiting for taters to cool so I can make tater salad and take some to DH at work. I am not using my dad’s recipe, while we all love it, I am just keeping it very simple this time. Banana muffins have been a hit and I guess I will be baking more of them tomorrow when I do the apple cinamon ones as well.

I have been doing research on three topics lately. Starting a community garden/recycle point is something that DD wanted to do and is very passionate about. The other is yoga, I can’t afford classes so I am looking at videos and reading. I think it will be a wonderful way for me to start taking better care of myself. The other one is a business idea we have had before, we attempted to run with it but were dealing with a company that unfortunately wasn’t on the up and up. We are learning about short sales and different possibilities for some extra income from bringing sellers and buyers togethers.

Well I do believe the potatoes are ready to be added into the mix for some salad. I will do the rest of the cooking tomorrow and I might even fold some laundry! Hhhhhmmm…who would have thought it!

Light and Love!

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