Taking a small break from cleaning

Right now the 4 yr old is happily playing COV. The 10 yr old is riding her bike with new found friends from the opposite end of the trailer park. Her original set of friends here are just too entrenched in the public school drama to even let it go when they get home, I pity them and their parents. But my overprotective ways aren’t appreciated. Apparently keeping your kids from being bullied is being over protective. Though in light of the little boy in Massachusetts that committed suicide after being bullied I really don’t care to agree that I am over protective.

I have been cleaning the kitchen which seems to at least once a week become a major disaster. I am down to the last little bit. I had some help with some of the major stuff getting done yesterday. However, I want to bake, make potato salad, egg salad and get our monkey platters done. So I need clean work space so I can crap it all up again.

Hubby is stirring from his nap and will start to get ready for work in a little bit, so I will need to get his dinner done. And the sun is setting and the street lights are coming on, so for most people the day is ending. Ours is really just beginning. Granted I was lazy today and took a nap this evening and didn’t really feel awake again until after a nice cool shower.

We have done a bit of switching around, BIL is now in one of the tiny bedrooms, as soon as we get a USB wifi card for him the long cable winding through the kitchen to his computer will be gone. He will have his computer in his room as well. The 4 yr old has a “big boy” bed while not the car bed desired he really likes the couch bed and the fact he can watch his shows as he falls asleep, preferably with mommy snuggling. The 10 yr old and I have fallen into the habit of playing her games together at night and then we watch NCIS, Bones, Saving Grace or other similar shows together for a bit, snuggled up in DH’s and my bed.

I will have some other random thoughts later on. I need to get some banana muffins made up for DH to take to work and to finish cleaning the disaster that is the kitchen. Hopefully I will accomplish all the things that I want to but then again, tomorrow is yet another day.

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