I just absolutely love using the word passion to describe how the kids feel about their interests. When you think about it, it is totally appropriate. They become so focused on their interests it is really a passion, not just a passing phase, though some interests come and go, there are some that seem to remain constant.

For Claire it is her love of all things artsy, crafty, and involving anything creative. Allowing her to follow anything she is passionate about has built a new self esteem in her. It takes me by surprise at times because she had become so withdrawn and well mousy. But I catch a glimpse of the young lady she will become one day. Her jewelry designs are becoming something else. I took someone’s suggestion and avoided the kiddie beading kits and got her a “grown” up collection of tools of the trade. She is still designing Barbie dresses and wants to learn more about designing doll jewelry and clothing, specifically Barbie stuff. She wants to design some of her own clothes and wants to create anime costumes, however, Barbie clothing and jewelry has really caught her eye. Her other passion is wanting to do her part in saving the Earth. So we have begun researching what it would take to set up a community garden and use it as a possible recycle location. It will be a lot of work but she so wants to be involved in the community so we will make it happen.

For Morgan it is his love of all things involving numbers, logic and strategy. He loves to play “Get” aka City of Heroes/Villains. He loves counting and solving problems and building. His most recent new passion is Bakugan. And thanks to a sweet young man I am learning about Bakugan as well so that I can learn about brawling and what we need to learn to do it. Morgan has become extremely passionate about Bakugan more than he ever was about Ben10. He still wholly believes in kicking “evil bad” guy butt.

Watching my kids grow and live peacefully and joyfully is amazing. I do not know why we didn’t think of going this route earlier. We have not eliminated conflicts within the family, I don’t think you can ever totally eliminate that, but we are much more at peace. The grown ups are developing their passion for just living and enjoying life. Thinking and solving problems outside the box, living and loving. This is what life should be.

Are we worried about our children’s future? Well, yes, I think most parents do worry. However, having children and learning to live through the unschooling philosophy is almost like having a second chance at childhood. We get the chance to see everything brand new again through the eyes of our children. The simplicity and logic that they see in the world is refreshing. I know for myself personally letting go of the cynical, jaded view I have developed is hard, but by the same token it is bringing peace into my life. I have found what I am passionate about and it was there in front of me the whole time, my family.

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