Ok that’s it this is the final change

Well not final, final change but the frugal living book that I have been working on that started off as an idea for a quarterly online magazine has come full circle. I am working on the layout now and will be setting up to take subscriptions for it by the middle of May. I really and truly believe that as a quarterly ezine it will be much more useful than as published books. I am going to see about publishing through lulu.com of course. If not I will have a beautifully put together pdf file available from my upcoming website.

I have set my goals and I am actually taking steps to follow through and reach them. Not just a lot of blah blah and then not finishing. What has given me the impetus to follow through? You might ask. Well, I have spent time over the last year re-evaluating my life. I have accomplished some really great things. However, once I prioritized my needs and wants and we started on the unschooling journey and I actually became more a part of my children’s lives it has revived quite a bit in myself.

Now the only really big obstacle I am dealing with is getting my health back on track so that I have more energy and feel better. I have allowed myself to become exhausted, I have not eaten properly, and generally speaking not taken care of myself. I had started a regular workout routine but did not follow through with it. Recently I re injured my knee so that left me off my feet. Depression still slips in from time to time so I have had to learn how to handle all of this. I am researching the best way for me to get all of this under control.

I can’t enjoy my kids, my husband, or my life if I am not healthy. So one of my top priorities is to take care of me better. It sounds selfish but it isn’t really. Everyone is affected by my health not just me. So in order to take care of everyone else I have to be physically and mentally able to do this.

I am going to start with an elimination diet. I need to figure out what foods do what to my body and only add back in the ones that help my energy, metabolism and meet my body’s other needs. I am going to include yoga because it is more of an overall body and mind regimen than anything else and will probably be easier on my joints and such.

I will start posting on how this is all going. I am going to pick a start date and go from there.

Light and Love!!

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