A Turtle!!

Yesterday, after having had a very long day. We had to get DH from work and take BIL to work. The kids didn’t want to go with me to pick up their uncle. None of us had had much sleep, it was also payday so we had some errands to run. Well on my way down the road out of the neighborhood I saw a turtle trying to cross the road. One care almost ran him over. So I stopped, accidentally blocking a driveway and scooped him up. I took him home for the kids to see, with the understand that when I got back we would deposit him on the opposite side of the road to continue his journey.

The kids had a blast. DD jumped on the internet and went about identifying him. We believe he is a yellow belly slider. They had a blast watching him crawl around in the box we let him borrow. When I got back home we scopped him up and the kids sat in the back seat of the car with him in the middle. He must have felt very comfortable because he tried to take off. The kids took turns hold him and talking to him. We set him down directly across the road from where I found him and then watched as he made his toward to a small pond in someone’s back yard. The kids were excited and realized that he is very camouflaged because if we hadn’t been watching him we would have never watched his triumphant journey through the yard.

So now they are talking to DH about getting a terrarium and setting it up as a habitat for frogs, lizards and turtles. He is unsure of where to put it, I smiled and said what is wrong with the breakfast bar by their computer. I got that look that said you are not helping and I just laughed. He finally figured out that I have every intention of setting up a science experiment on habitats since we are not allowed to have pets of any kind in the house.

So today’s project is going to be learning more about which animals would do well together and how big of a tank we are going to need to create a lovely little amphibian/reptile habitat and from what part of the world they will have originated. Right now some kind of tropical rain forest habitat is running in the forefront!

2 thoughts on “A Turtle!!

  1. Apparently I didn't know as much about reptiles and amphibians as I thought I did. The kids have been reading and making notes about everything will we need to make this project work. Despite the age differences they are both so enthralled with this current project. I am loving it. I was asked to type it all up so it can be presented to daddy so he can review it and help decide where and how. LOL


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