Night Life

Well it has been going this way for a while but we have fully transitioned to night shift living. The kids wanted more time with daddy and so did I. We didn’t do it intentionally but we have ended up on daddy’s schedule. This might mortify a few people because “OMG” how can the kids do anything staying up all night? What about field trips? What about this and that and of course the “s” word. Well, some days they will miss some of their friends. Today is an example we didn’t make it to park day. However, if they are up later on their friends will still be outside playing. The library is open late a few nights a week. And with the tourist season getting underway there will be plenty of night time activities.

With DD enjoying her fashion design and anime creations, relaxing and doing what her heart desires this is not affected at all by being on the night shift. She is loving it and I see more and more of the carefree child I had before PS. She and I are doing more things together, she is getting to know her daddy again and is just plain happy. I can’t tell you what joy it was to walk into the bedroom yesterday and find the kids cuddled together watching Dora the Explorer from the Nick Jr website and playing along with their daddy right there a big grin on his face. His little girl was curled up right next to him.

As for DS, my little man was born a night owl. So it is perfectly normal for him and guess what? Tantrums and such have really disappeared. To his little body being up at night is the right thing. He got to spend some time with daddy at work and helped with one security round which he thought was awesome. He gets to use a computer at the same time sissy is using one so no waiting for turns and while daddy is at work, mommy, sissy and little man are all together and he gets more of mommy’s attention.

Now if we make plans that will require being up earlier, we have all talked about it, we will be able to do that. The beauty of homeschooling, especially unschooling is that we are just living life. And right now we are living the night life! I just can’t get over how much more relaxed the kids are, which actually makes us more relaxed. The time we have to spend as a part of their lives is something we will treasure forever. All too soon they will be grown and off to live their lives, however, we are so hoping that like so many other homeschool/unschool families we have talked to we will all remain close and that we will still be an active part in their lives.

Light and Love!

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