Living the Night Shift

I really wasn’t sure which blog to post this on so closed my eyes and clicked. So here we are. We have completely reversed our schedules. Since DH works night shift the kids and I have had a hard time getting time with him. So we have changed our sleeping habits. It also allows mommy to get close to a normal amount of sleep.

Now this is not easy for my brother in law to deal with since he works day shift. So we are looking at night time activities in the house that don’t require being loud. Hard to do with young children but we are managing. We are also waiting for the tourist season to get into full swing and the weather to be warmer at night. There are a ton of night activities coming up soon that we will be able to attend. It is a bit weird (it has been a long time since I worked night shift) to get up in the afternoon instead of in the morning. There will be times when we get up earlier but for the most part we should be pretty cool.

If we weren’t homeschooling then we wouldn’t be able to do this. But mommy and daddy being well rested makes it much easier to be happy and relaxed with the kids. So we will put all together with all the other crazy things we do. But everyone laughing, joking, hugging and all that is so much better than stressing over everything or feeling that the kids are too loud and trying to keep them from wanting to wake daddy up to show him the latest project or to play. Mommy feeling rested also means mommy has a lot more patience with the kids.

Now this evening DD decided she didn’t want to go with us but DS and I went to the park. We went tromping a bit on the nature trail and then looked for tadpoles in the ditch. After which we went to play on the playground. Well there were soccer games going on and a couple of the soccer moms were over by us. They asked DD what school he was going to. He said he didn’t (remember he is 4 yrs old) that he home schooled with mommy, daddy, and sissy. I saw the look and then the comments started. What about prom for our daughter? How are they going to learn this and that? I asked them to stop treating my son like a trained monkey he didn’t have to show off for them what he did or did not know. Besides he is only 4 yrs old and well their expectations were incorrect. Then there was the fact I was going up and down ladders and slides and enjoying the swings and getting tons of hugs and kisses. Apparently I am a way too permissive parent and my kids will never amount to anything. I simply stated that they have chosen to raise their children in a restrictive manner and that I have chosen to enjoy my children and watching them grow and learn. Then DS and I went back to the nature trail and searching for tadpoles. Leaving them to scowl and of course talk about the crazy home schooling momma they met today.

Well, we had a moment of calm, the storm has picked up again in the form of a 4 yr old and a 10 yr old involved in a pillow fight. there is a pillow calling my name!!

Light and Love!

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