This is the first day out of the last 3 or 4 that my head has not felt like exploding. I get cluster migraines and they leave me pretty non functional some days and just barely functional others. So for the last few days I haven’t done much, I may have responded to some emails and I do hope that they were coherent. I will go back and check later on.

In other news we have made it to our 3rd month in our home and have paid all the bills on time. This may not seem significant to many people but for us it is very. It feels so good not to have to worry about if we can put food on the table, much less keep a roof over our heads. This was a tight week, grocery wise, but since we had stocked the house fairly well, it is hardly noticeable. All it means is those little extras we enjoy weren’t on the shopping list today. The had to haves and that was it. Still it wasn’t as bad as sitting with $50 on hand and thinking how in the hell am I going to make that last two weeks for groceries.

We are still working on looking at the positive side of things. After several years of living in the black hole of existence we are still waiting for the other shoe to fall, most days. We are learning more and more to live in the now and enjoy today. I am not saying we ignore or do not plan for the future but the future isn’t as bleak as it used to be.

The whole family is sporting new hair cuts. I cut DH’s, DD’s and DS’s hair. DH and DS ended up with buzz cuts; DD wanted to have all the icky split ends cut off so hers is just above her shoulders now instead of half way down her back. It will be easier for her to care for and she really likes it now. I had DH cut my hair, which is still recovering from a bad home dye job, stress, sun poisoning, etc. However, it feels and looks great. It is about two inches above my shoulders. I did trim my own bangs but he got rid of a lot of the icky stuff at the bottom of my hair. So we will see how it does now that it is primarily healthy hair.

Light and Love!!

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