Fashionable Dinosaurs

I had to run to the library today to pick up a book I had reserved and take back a couple that were due back. The kids chose to stay home with daddy and play. Well, the in house fashion designer is still going strong on learning more and more and I hit the jackpot today. I wasn’t looking for books on sewing and clothing design but they just popped out at me in the children’s reference section. The look of pure joy on Claire’s face at seeing these treasures. After she came in from playing with her friends she washed up grabbed dinner and hid in her room for a couple of hours. She came out smiling, I guess the barbie dolls will have a new look soon. Right now she is watching an anime show in Japanese with Spanish subtitles. She said the art work of the cartoon tells the whole story. I think she is more interested in the story boards at this point. She is trying to design her own graphic novel. So it is mainly the art work that fascinates her.

Dinosaurs, rocks, fossils oh my! Anything along the lines of old, ancient, dirty, dusty and musty have caught the attention of Morgan. I think we have a budding archaeologist on our hands. He isn’t just collecting rocks like a lot of 4 yr olds do, he wants to know their names and how they are made. Dinosaurs well I had helped him to pick out some reference books in his section of the library. (Isn’t it awesome that they even have easy reader reference books!) Well he thought they were really cool. Well, not enough information in them. Remember he can barely read and write but he really wants to know more than the little kid books tell him. So I had gotten some from the other children’s reference section. Well those were just as disappointing. So in the midst of books on lizards, amphibians, reptiles and build your terrairium books are a couple of grown up books on identifying dinosaurs and other information. Guess what the 4 yr old is enjoying. Learning grown up facts. I have not had this boisterous, gregarius child sit still for more than 10 minutes ever, not even during our story time. Well, he and I sat for 45 minutes going over the new dinosaur books and rock ID books. All from the grown up section with more information than the children’s books and he loves it all.

Well, this night owl is going to go snuggle with her babies and grab a small nap.

Light and Love!

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