Well it looks like the trip is postponed

We were planning on making a trip to North Carolina tomorrow to get our things out of storage. Apparently this is not going to happen as plans have fallen through. Oh well, disappointing in some ways but not in others. Unbeknown to my husband plans for his birthday party have continued. We will be having spaghetti dinner with a nice salad and fresh garlic bread. For dessert, Claire has decided to under take the making of a pineapple upside down cake. It should be interesting. She has also spent quite a bit of time decorating a hat and a t-shirt for him. She is excited about giving it to him. They are definitely interesting to look at but I am sure he will be happy because they came from her.

Getting Morgan to sit and make something for daddy, well he really isn’t interested. And tonight it was out of the question after he came in from playing with boo-boo’s on his hands. Yes, it was horrible, you would have thought he lost a limb. I know a large part of the ordeal was that he was tired and had scared himself. So a nice warm bath, cleaning his scraped up hands and checking for other injuries and then settled in our bed to watch some of his favorite shows. He is fighting sleep at the moment and doesn’t want mommy to snuggle. Maybe we will try in the morning, it will depend on how he feels.

I went another round with daddy the other day on the “home schooling thing” as he calls it. I thought he was finally coming around but apparently not. It came down to I told him he and mommy chose how they raised their children now it is my turn to choose how to raise mine. His major concern is socialization. Trying to explain to him he is using the wrong word to begin with and then explaining that he means what about socializing, well I ended it that whole part of our conversation with, “We have different philosophies on life and children and if you really want to spend money on the kids instead of worrying about school clothes we need a microscope and a chemistry kit.” Which got a huge laugh out of him. I had a chemistry kit growing up, he showed me how to make a small stick of dynamite with it among other experiments. I told him I loved him and I know he wants what is best for his grandkids but just being their Pa-Pa is more than enough for them. It is obvious that while I would love it to happen but he just isn’t going to get it.

I am happy to say that I have been writing, tons actually. I am hoping to get to the editing part of everything next week. Frugal Cooking is coming together beautifully. I am also working on revamping my Life Organizer to put it back up on Lulu.com. I need to fix the 2009 calendar I did as well. The artwork I made isn’t quite the correct size for printing. Another project I am working on is “One World” newsletter for the Unitarian Universalists homeschool group. I am doing the layout for the premiere issue.

Well, I am going to see about some sleep now that the children have settled down for the night. Claire has taken herself to bed after some loving from mommy and Morgan is just about ready to fall out he is literally holding his eyes open with his fingers.

Light and Love!

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