Peace, love, and understanding

Well, tomorrow is hubby’s birthday. Since we will not be going out of town as planned originally Claire has taken to be her job to prepare for his birthday extravaganza. She has been making decorations, designing his gifts and wants to make his cake. He will have a special shirt and hat from her. She is making a pineapple upside down cake and will be helping prepare the salad, spaghetti and garlic bread.

Morgan suffered some, if you ask him, grievous injuries this evening when out playing. The lesson learned is that his legs are not long enough to jump a bicycle and a ditch. He scraped both of his hands. I know it had to hurt but some special TLC, a shower to scrape off all the mud and find the boo-boo’s, and special bandaids (antibiotic already on the bandaid topped off with kisses from mommy and daddy) and all was well again.

I shared some of the posts from Alwayslearning yahoo group with hubby today. He is still having problems with changing his outlook on the kids though he has come a long way. It is hard to shake old values and ways of doing things but he is “getting it” a little more as time goes by. I will admit I have days when I go back to the old ways of limiting choices, acting like a dictator, etc. I at least know that he is trying and is being supportive of a new lifestyle. But he is seeing the benefits of happy children. We are still working on letting go of strict bedtimes and such, I think that is where he and I have our biggest problems. The kids aren’t the ones with the issues, it is definitely the parental units. So we will continue to plug away and remind ourselves that allowing the kids the opportunity to choose and explore all options is the best way to go.

It is all a learning process and doing it together is making it all the more worth while.

Light and Love!

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