Just need to ramble a bit

I think I just spent the last of my energy on my other blog about our homeschooling adventures. But I do feel the need to ramble on a bit about things. We have had two days of nothing but trouble from the drainage pipes and apparently the landlord thinks we did it so he doesn’t feel he has to have a plumber come out and take a look. So the guys have been snaking the pipes and using drain cleaner and all that. I think they finally got it. Tomorrow will be the real test, if the washer runs and nothing backs up into the tub they have won a hard battle against the blockage.

As far as homeschooling goes, I am changing some of yahoo groups around. I feel out of touch on some of them. I have nothing to contribute as far as curriculum, supporting schedules, traditional teaching styles, etc. I also have become involved in some pretty OT discussions/arguments that have nothing to do with homeschooling/unschooling. Right now that is not where my interest are. If I am going to have my inbox filled with posts I would much rather read unschooling discussion boards than home school support groups. Discussions provide me with much more information. I have support from my husband and a few home schooling friends that I have found a long the way. Information to me is much more useful. Well information that goes above an beyond how to force learning on children. Not that that doesn’t work at all. Some kids thrive in that kind of environment, mine just don’t. They aren’t running wild and being treated like little adults. Which, to be honest, is what we thought unschooling lifestyle would be. But that is so far from the truth. I am definitely not experienced enough to pass out advice, I am willing to share what we have gone through to get to where we are, willing to learn more to help us get to where we want to be. But this is definitely a family journey. Even my brother in law is finally starting to catch on, slowly but he is getting there. Especially after seeing and hearing about the kids accomplishments today.

HHhhmmm….I must be even more tired than I thought. I just lost my entire train of thought and I am not sure how to get it back. Oh well..if it comes to me later on I will just have to blog it then. I have no plans for tomorrow, well nothing set. I do have a couple of friend type phone calls to make and well, I think I will write. I have tons of things bouncing around in my head so I will need to get them down on paper soon or they will be lost.

Light and Love!!

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