A thought occurred to me tonight

Yeah I know it’s either late or early depending on how you look at things. Well I did go to bed early, and slept for a while. I am thinking my body doesn’t know what to do with real sleep. Anyway, a thought occurred to me while reading email at 3 am. I have been actively participating in several online homeschooling support groups. I think I might just start publishing my comments here to share with others. I have gotten some pretty nice emails lately about some of the things I have said. I do not claim to be an expert, I probably never will. Homeschooling is such a personal thing and is different for every family. I do have a homeschooling blog as well but it is more or less my personal journal of our adventures. So now I will go back and refer to those posts and try to put them up here on a regular basis. I am by far not the be all end all of advice, most of what is said is based on our own experiences and information that has been gathered from those much more experienced and knowledgeable than myself. So I will add yet another project for myself.

Well, I am off to try and go back to sleep. I might even make it back to dreamland.

Light and Love!

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