I can’t believe I missed it!

I usually do something special for the first day of spring and I missed it. I feel terrible about it too. We will have to make it up when we celebrate Beltane! We were going to plan for a big birthday bash for DH next week, but Daddy has decided that he needs to help us get our things out of storage in NC, so we will do a party of some kind the week after that. We will find some name for the day and do all kinds of fun things. Decorate the house, bake lots of goodies, have a blast generally speaking.

I am very excited about getting all of our things down here to Myrtle Beach. They won’t all fit in and I know there will be stuff that needs to get trashed, sent to Salvation Army, Freecycled and a few items might even be sold on craigslist.org. But still it will be our stuff it will be where we can get to it when we want/need it and we can gain a little bit of slack in our budget. The rented washer and dryer can go back to Appliance Warehouse. We should end up with a smaller storage bill. This will offset having a larger than expected electric bill.

Well folks it is getting late and I have a few things to get done before bed. Yes, I said bed. When ever possible these days I actually go to bed before the sun comes up and often times before the moon has risen completely.

Light and Love to everyone!

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