Reading for the day

Well, it has been a struggle. Getting DD back into enjoying reading but it has finally occurred. She is reading graphic novels and enjoying it. I had to go by the library while running errands (referred to as mommy time when I get to go alone) and get her some more books. She is gobbling them up at an unbelievable rate. At first I thought she was looking at the pictures only so we did a verbal book review after mommy read through the book. She is absorbing them like a sponge and jotting ideas down for her own comic that she wants to do.

She has already finished the first book in a new series our wonderful children’s librarian pointed out to me today. Let me tell you having a librarian like Miss Sue Ellen is awesome. She loves having home school families come in, she makes sure that there is plenty of home school material if you are into curriculum and definitely knows her kids very well. All the regular kids that go there belong to her. She is warm, friendly and very approachable unlike most of the librarians we found in the county library system. My daughter had become shy with adults in anything resembling a learning situation. Well we have moved passed that and I think that is in part due to Miss Sue Ellen.

I am just so pleased. It is very hard to be an avid reader and a writer and have a child that doesn’t like to read. Something that is hard to understand. Now DD didn’t start off that way, but because she has had trouble reading out loud and was pressed by PS to do it so much it turned her off. Now that is a totally different skill and one many adults have not developed. I am pleased to also state that this skill is coming along nicely. DD reads to DS on a regular basis, probably the only time the two of them get along at the moment is during their story time together.

Well, it is time to tend to evening chores and if all goes well, mommy might get some fun reading in on her own.

Light and Love!

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