Today we had an epiphany

We started the morning off badly you could say. DS began running a fever and not feeling well at 2 am. Poor thing has just been miserable all day. He missed the re-start of park days for our HS group. He seemed a little bit better before he went to bed tonight so we shall see. Hopefully the fever breaks in the next 24 hours. Fever and general not feeling well, no signs of strep or anything serious just lethargic, achy and fever.

As for DD, she had a blast at Park Day (so did mommy). We got to reconnect with our friends and catch up. Afterward we went to the local art museum to check out some of the new displays and to ask about using their piano for DD to have lessons. Well no lessons, that is a story for another time, I was rather perturbed by the response we got from them on that topic.

On the way home we were talking and sharing girlie secrets. Nope, not revealing them, they are secrets after all. But it felt so good to know that DD trusted me with this information. It has been a long while since she has told mommy what is in her heart. She also did let out some really interesting thoughts that I can share and I am very happy to share. She had been struggling with the idea of home schooling. Lots of reasons and we knew it was a big change for her to go from PS to HS. However, she announced in a very matter of fact way that she doesn’t ever want to go back to PS. She loves home schooling. Apparently talking to some of her PS friends made her realize that she has learned a lot more than they have, not just information but life lessons and well the whole kit and kaboodle. She likes being able to repeat what she feels she needs to and move on when she feels the need. She is also enjoying the freedom to explore all her interests. Most especially she is finding that she loves being home with her family.

We are over joyed at this epiphany. While we would like a few more home schooling friends we are sure we will meet those along the way. But we are reconnecting and learning about each other more than when we had to be on the time clock for PS. She is entering puberty and has hit the point where she needs a bit more sleep so she can sleep in when she needs to but is aware that there are mornings that she will have to get up early. She is also enjoying a bit more freedom, such as staying up to watch a movie she has been dying to see or some such thing. Or she has become involved in a game and she doesn’t want to stop.

After thinking about it we have developed a regular routine, some what unorthodox but it is there. It is wonderful to see a plan come together. We are relaxed and enjoying life such as it is these days. Most importantly we are strengthening family bonds.

Light and Love!

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